Useful for Android the development engineer from Github

Many plowing on open space Github, I found assemblage of interesting designs, source the codes, and libraries. And now the time came to share them. Meet assemblage vkusnostej under katom!

1. FreeFlow

The design which allows to create that that napodobii mozajki or tiles from Windows Phone, with assemblage of interesting and beautiful animations, FreeFlow the design is inspired iOS frejmvorkom UICollectionViews .


the Hidden text

2. PhotoView

The library for operation with ImageView and if to be more exact to add support Zoom Gestures, is very powerful and floppy, convenient in usage

It is a little about usage

    protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        super.onCreate (savedInstanceState);
        setContentView (R.layout.fragment_edit_it);

        ImageView photoView = (ImageView) findViewById (;
        PhotoViewAttacher attacher = new PhotoViewAttacher (photoView);
        attacher.setZoomable (true);


3. NotBoringActionBar

The design, which shows how to make not boring action bar as in Google application Newsstand


4. Picasso

The most powerful library for loading of pictures, conversion, you can easily load photos in yours View from external references, media links, ways to files, resources androida or other application packages.

Many widespread traps of loading of images on Android are processed automatically by means of Picasso:

  • Control of a recycling and cancellings of loading of images in adaptorah
  • Minimum expenses on tranformatsiju images
  • Automatic caching

To tell the truth it is my favourite library 🙂

 //to Steam of lines with instances;
Picasso.with (context)
  .load (url)
  .resize (50, 50)
  .centerCrop ()
  .placeholder (R.drawable.user_placeholder)
  .error (R.drawable.user_placeholder_error)
  .into (imageView)



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